The Following Information is Provided by Financial Intelligence Agency Bermuda in Compliance with the Public Access to Information Act

Paragraph 1: Section 37 of the Public Access to Information Act 2010 recognizes and gives effect to this statutory non-disclosure provision contained in the FIA Act 2007. Accordingly, members of the public are encouraged to review the FIA’s Information Statement to ascertain the classes of information held by the FIA which are available for public review. It is important to note that Section 17 of the Financial Intelligence Agency Act 2007 (FIA Act) restricts the ability of the FIA to disclose information it has received outside of the parameters contained within the FIA Act. This means that the array of records and information that are received, gathered, stored, analysed and disseminated under the FIA Act are presumptively exempt from disclosure.

Paragraph 2: Should you have any queries regarding information that is available for public review which is not already contained on our website, please do not hesitate to contact the FIA’s Information Officer:

Christal Hanna – Legal Counsel

Direct : 441-294-3711

Email :

Header: Making a PATI Request:

  • A PATI Requests must be submitted in person at the FIA Office.
  • Persons submitting requests must provide adequate Government issued picture identification to satisfy the Information Officer that they are either Bermudian or a Resident of Bermuda.
  • To prove residence in Bermuda, please supply copies of the most current utility bill (e.g., BELCO, telephone, etc.) in your name or Work Permit / Immigration Letter.
  • If you wish to make a PATI Request, you may download the request form and fee schedule below:
  • PATI documents

If you wish to make a PATI Request, you may download the request form and fee schedule below:


Public Access to Information Request Form


PATI Fee Schedule


Financial Intelligence Agency PATI Information Statement